We offer three available sizes for our Petsies in order to capture your Pets unique style and personality. :) They are: 

10-inch Small - Popular with small breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies as well as kittens and fish and birds (starting at our Base Price)

16-inch Standard- Popular with our medium breeds like French Bulldogs, as well as some standard cat sizes, and Potbelly-Pigs (Our Base Price +$40 USD)

24-inch Large - Popular with our large breeds like German Shepherds, great danes and St. Bernards as well as larger animals like horses and cows. (Our Base Price +$140 USD)

Please note that our Petsies are measured from the top of the head to the bottom length wise (not including tails). 

Note: Our listed accessories on our website are not available for our 24 inch size Petsies. Please reach out to our Customer Service Team if you have any further questions or are confused on what size will fit your pet. We will be happy to assist you. :)