We know pets can like to dress up just as much as we do! We can create collars, bows, and other simple clothing for your Petsie for no additional cost. Please specify the design and color you would like when telling us about your pet. If you are able to include some images of the clothing or decorative item that you would like, it will greatly help our designers meet your vision. 

For safety reasons, we do not use any velcro, buttons, zippers, or other similar materials to make removable clothing for our plushies. 

More complicated clothing and all costumes will incur a $30 fee to cover the cost of the fabrics. If you have questions about clothing you would like for your Petsie, please reach out to customer support and we will be happy to assist you!


If you would like your Petsie with your pet’s favorite toy, we can create a small plush representation for no additional cost. We have made colorful balls, bones, and sticks many times before! Please be sure to request the toy when telling us about your pet and include a description and images of the toy you would like us to make for you. 

If you would like a complicated or very large accessory, there may be an additional fee to cover the materials required to make it. If you have any questions about an accessory, please feel free to contact us!