Easy Ordering

Ordering your own hand-made stuffed animal of your pet is super simple!

  1. Start on our main custom plush Petsies page and select your service

  2. On our creation page, you'll see the ability to send us photos of your pet, customize the look of your Petsies, and get our exclusive Petsies accessories!

  3. You can either create another Petsies plushie or go right through our shopping cart and checkout option

Once you place your order, you'll receive at least 5 emails throughout our production process to keep you informed of the progress of your Petsies plush.

How to Send Photos of Your Pet

On our cool Petsies creation page, you'll find two ways to send us your pet's photos (you can provide up to 6 per stuffed animal):

  • Upload: if you have photos of your pet on your computer (or you are ordering directly from your mobile device), you can upload photos directly from your device

  • Email: if you are ordering on your computer but your pet's photos are on your smartphone, we provide you with a secret code that allows you to send your photos to pics@mypetsies.com. This inbox is fully automated and unmonitored... so please only send photos!


If you get to a step and the process and something is not working properly or just isn't very intuitive, please let us know! 

If you are using the Help Wizard on our website: click on the "Contact Us"  button after you click ‘back’

If you are on our FAQ page:  click on the “Message Us” button on the top of our FAQ page 

We also recommend trying a different internet browser if something appears out of place on the website. Everyone's browsers are slightly different. Based on your browser extensions, antivirus apps, or computer configuration, a different browser will likely remedy the issue you are experiencing.