Forevers Dogs and Cats

When customizing your plush, you are given the option of different postures to select (standing, sitting, laying) for your plush. If you would like us to make your plush in a specific position please let us know when describing your pet’s physical features and include an image of the pose. 

Forevers Others

When customizing your plush, please let us know the position you would like your plush to be made in when describing your pet’s physical features. If you would like a specific pose, please include an image of your pet in that pose. 

While most horses, turtles, and birds spend most of their time in one position, animals like rabbits pose in many different ways. We frequently encounter orders for rabbits with photos showing the pet in many positions, so please let us know which one you would prefer for your plush. Our team thanks you in advance!

Changing Positions 

Changing a plush’s posture after it has been created will often require the entire plush to be remade. If we create the plush per your posture selection and you would like it to be changed after your review has been approved, you may need to pay a fee for us to remake your plush.