We understand it can be difficult to choose the best pictures of your beloved pet for your order. We have a few tips and tricks below on helping you to decide. :) 


We really want to create your plush as accurately as possible. Ideally, we really like to see images showing the face, back of head/ears, chest/belly, sides and back of body, legs, and tail. We do understand if you are not able to send images from all of these angles, but any photos that you do have would be very helpful.

Additionally, please use photos of your pet in natural lighting so that we can accurately match the color of their fur, feathers, and scales! 


For this product, we print directly onto the fabric, so whatever is in your image is what will be printed. The best photos are clear, high quality, focused mainly on the animal (without large background), and show as much of the animal as possible.  If you would like a head-only pillow, please send us a large photo of your pet’s head. For all pillow types, most people prefer that the animal be looking straight at the camera, not to the side. 

We request high-quality images in good lighting because we are not able to enhance photos before printing them onto the fabric. If your image is dark or blurry, it will look the same when printed as your pillow. 

We understand that you are working with the photos you have, so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our customer service team or see our photo tips at the bottom of this page here.