Each custom Petsies stuffed animal requires many many many hours of hands-on design work. We are incredibly proud of our team of artisans who train for months before advancing to take on customer's orders. The basic stages of the process are:

  • Design: analyzing your pet and planning out the faux furs, airbrushing detail, and fixtures (see materials). Depending on the pet, we may reach out to you for clarifications
  • Pattern Making: deconstructing your pet into the dozens of individual 2D pieces of fabric that will magically come together to create a 3D shape. This is quite difficult and requires a combination of artistic imagination and spacial cognition.
  • Cutting, Sewing, and Stuffing: each individual piece is cut and hand-sewn together. Our seamstresses work directly with our designers and pattern makers to make small adjustments as the Petsies begin to take shape
    Note: As our plushies are handsewn, we do not hide our sewing lines. :)
  • Airbrushing: Once we are happy with the shape, our artists create custom ink colors and spray on the final details of your pet
  • Quality Control: Each Petsies plushie goes through two rounds of quality inspection
  • Gift Packing & Shipping: All Petsies are shipped in beautiful gift boxes. Customers are notified with tracking numbers upon shipment.
As you can see, creating your Petsies is a true art form that takes many hours of design.

We keep our customers informed every step of the way - you can expect to receive (cute!) update emails as your Petsies go through each stage.