We sure do! We are comfortable handling any order from 1 to 20,000. There are two ways we think about large orders:

Many Unique Petsies

For example: if you have a group of 10 animals and you'd like to order 10 unique Petsies.

  • 4+ Petsies: 20% off regular pricing
  • 8+ Petsies: 25% off regular pricing
  • 20+ Petsies: Please email us for corporate rates.

Since every single Petsies stuffed animal is uniquely designed by hand, our cost structure doesn't allow for huge discounts even at volumes. However, larger orders will benefit from more optimized shipping logistics and we'll be able to reduce your price that way.

We've worked with everyone from corporations creating employee gifts to Disney rolling out an amazing fan sweepstakes ahead of a major movie release.

Many Identical Petsies (of Any Size)

If you are a company, a brand, or just someone who wants jump into a pit of cuddly plushies, we're happy to produce your bulk order. We'll do all the plush design work, make samples, and handle the logistics. You just sit back, relax, and let our courteous and fast team take care of everything.

  • Please use the form below to request a quote for orders of 20+ plushies of the same design
  • If you are ordering between 50 and 250 plush figurines, you can expect the price per toy to be around $20-$25 (including air shipping)
  • Orders above 500 enter into a different category, so quotations may vary greatly depending on the shipping service chosen (by air or sea). Prices can come down substantially if you choose a smaller size stuffed animal and have ability to wait a few extra weeks.

Please use this form to place your bulk Petsies order (we run all bulk production under our sister company, Budsies).