Shhhh - don't let your Petsie hear you! ;)

As you can imagine, bringing creating a hand-made stuffed animal that captures the essence of your real animal is no easy task. Budsies artists give your Petsie a lot of thought, and they apply their best judgment along with the description you provided while ordering to create the Petsie you imagined. Before writing in to us, please note that our designers spent many hours and poured their soul into your creation. Here's how we do it

Please also note that Petsies are not replicas. Our goal is to make a huggable plush representation... not taxidermy :)

We know that your Petsies are an emotional purchase. They are emotional for us to make, too. We are real people with big hearts who love working with pets. Please be kind in your requests and we'll happily take care of you. Every customer should have a happy Petsies experience!

All Petsies are designed right here in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. Similar to how Apple makes iPhones: the creative design is handled in the US while the manufacturing is done overseas. There are no big production lines for Petsies because each is uniquely hand-made. Our pattern makers, seamstresses, and cutters are skilled artisans with years of experience and months of training on the Petsies method. Our team is in a workshop, not a factory.

While we do not grant refunds over differences in interpretation and there's no way to simply "edit" an existing Petsies, we understand that you may have had something specific in mind. We also know that sometimes it's hard to specify exactly what you want until you actually see the shapes in 3D. Therefore, we're happy to create a completely new Petsies plush with your specific direction at a discounted rate of $75. Please use the following simple form to let us know exactly what you would like to change and we'll get to it:

Every Petsies customer should walk away with a pawsitive experience!